HALIFAX PAINTING is a house painting company built by Bill Hamed to provide good painting services at reasonable prices to people in Sydney.

The Journey of Bill

Bill is the director as well as a painting contractor in Halifax painting who started his career in painting by working part time every Saturday, Sunday, public holidays and school holidays as a painting labourer while studying in year 10 at Marrickville high school.

The work responsibility was only the preparation of paintable surfaces but it was a tough gig sanding and scrapping whole day whether it was sun or cold.

This two years of learning duration helped him develop his excellent work skills and ethics even though the pay was only $5/hr.

His parents being both on a pension and Bill being the eldest gave all his earnings to his mother to help support his parents and his two sisters and a brother.

About Us

Bill’s Achievements.

In year 1992 after his HSC exams Bill started full time work and started his apprenticeship at a reputable painting company Dukes.

Bill excelled in his work at apprenticeship because of his previously learnt skills of preparation of painting surfaces. He became the favourite amongst the tradesman.

Bill had worked on Swinging Stage painting the Roman Columns (ANZAC bridge with the big billboard on top)

He had also worked on high rise scaffold and four story high extension ladders that are illegal at this moment.

His Boss appreciated Bill’s quality of work and ethics so much that he decided to give Bill his very first job as a foreman as a 3rd year apprentice. The job was a heritage terrace house located at the Rocks Sydney.


After finishing his four-year apprenticeship Bill was approached by APS an upcoming painting company who supplied him with a van, petrol expenses and looked after him well. They awarded Bill with excellent wages by admiring Bill’s work which was turning them into profit and attaining deadlines.

Bill now runs a successful business using all his experience across all aspect of the trade from being hands on tools to project management.

Bill aims for high customer service and excellent workmanship.

Since 1992 till today Bill has been called by lots of names but the best one which was given to him by a well-known property developer who had seen hundreds of painters in his career was “BORN WITH A BRUSH IN HAND”.



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